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No! For each InDesign/InCopy version you need a special InDihyph version too, because the Plug-Ins are not compatible.

A license is only valid for the operating system it was ordered. If you got a Mac OS X license of our products, you can only run it under the Mac OS X operating system.

Yes, this is possible. But you will get an warning during you open the document. You will be informed, that the hyphenation will change, if you edit a paragraph.

To remove InDihyph completly from an document, please go to the preferences, dictionary and choose every language you have InDihyph activated for. Now change the hyphenation from InDihyph back to proximity. Save the document.

You can also remove all Plug-In information from an document, if you save it in the Adobe INX file format.

Please contact our support by email. Send us your serial number and/or your order reference. We will reset your license, so that you are been able to activate the product new.

Since Bahasa or Icelandic are not a part of InDesign, you need to buy or InDitect spell checking too. After you have installed InDitect, you will be able to create your own user dictionaries with hyphenate exceptions.

No, this is not necessary. After you got the full version license, you can enter the serial number and turn your demo version into a full version.

Please have in mind: The demo version is working as an full version without limitation during the test period.

You have to turn off/on the dynamic spell checking. This will tell InDesign start the spell checking of the document again. You should now see the difference with and without InDitect installed.