Increase your productivity using our language products!

Specially developed for Adobe InDesign™, Adobe InCopy™, and Adobe InDesign Server™.

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    More than 30 different languages available

    Our products are available in more than 30 different languages. Among them are also languages that neither InDesign nor InCopy support themselves.
    For example, InDihyph hyphenation can deal simultaneously with over 40 languages depending on the number of licensed language packages.

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    Unique features

    Only InDihyph distinguishes five hyphenation quality levels. Only with InDihyph can you use "wild card characters" to prevent the starts and ends of words from being hyphenated. Only InDihyph PRO can assign individual hyphenation quality levels to each paragraph and paragraph format. Only InDihyph can define complex hyphenation rules.

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    In action worldwide

    Our products have existed since Adobe InDesign CS2 and are available in the current Adobe version of InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server. You get professional extensions for daily use through worldwide use and long-term testing. All products are optimized for speed and are thus the first choice for use in daily newspapers, catalog production, and so forth! We'll gladly cite references for you from corporate customers with whom our products come into daily use.

  • Current news

    We have updated the language packs for the hyphenation and spellcheck engine! We have improved the detection of combined words for the German language.

    We have released the server version of the InDihyph hyphenation engine for Adobe InDesign Server 2022! InDihyph Server is running under the Windows x64 operating system, and Mac OSX with native Intel and Silicon Prozessor support.

    We have released the InDihyph hyphenation and the InDitect spell checker for Adobe InDesign/InCopy 2022! All other versions, starting from CS5.5 till 2022 has become new updates too. We have included a new hyphenation rule <*@> for combined words like city-motel, car-assistant and so on to be hyphenated only at the hyphen sign.

    The InDihyph hyphenation engine and the InDitect spell checker are available as universal version. They will run native on Apple Intel and Silikon processors and are compatible with the latest Version of Adobe InDesign/InCopy 16.3!

    The release will update the dictionary and the hyphen rules for the German reformed, English UK and English USA languages!

    The release will update the dictionary and the hyphen rules for the German reformed language!